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  1. An intriguing post. I am a long-time pinball hobbyist and in that context I know a number of computer geeks as well, and I can tell you that decades ago RS had a good rep among these two populations, with useful parts to be had and knowledgeable staff. However, in recent years I’m afraid that the nickname for RS in some hobbyist and electronics discussion forums became “Sh*t Shack,” for the very reasons cited in the postmortem post. My most recent experiences with RS were frustrated outings where I could not find the specialized part I wanted that they used to stock, but nevertheless I was pushed to buy, for example, RS batteries in bulk. In my final experience a year ago, I was returning an unopened package of fuses that I realized were the wrong value once I got them home, but the high-school-aged salesperson said I couldn’t get my refund without giving her my phone number, since I had paid in cash, and that this was company policy. I noted that this was a bad policy, left the fuses, and never went back to the store again.

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