Call it remote, virtual, digital or e-learning, the pandemic has forced a trend to the internet for training and away from traditional face-to-face learning. Tilden & Associates first designed and delivered two e-learning programs as described below: Conflict Management and Coaching: The PECD System. Since then, we have adapted several of our central offerings and have become well versed in delivering effective E-Learning solutions.

There are several obvious advantages to e-learning. The first is economic in that it does not require travel and can be delivered to large audiences. Second, shorter sessions are easier to schedule and are less disruptive to work routines. Third, e-learning can be provided in a fashion that controls for risks of infection.

The greatest impact is when e-learning is “blended” with more traditional training like follow-up coaching. This can also be conducted virtually rather than face-to-face.

While these two courses serve as illustrations, Tilden & Associates is available to customize other training whether it be e-learning, blended or traditional classroom.

 Conflict Management

Overview – This is a one-hour e-learning training program that provides practical skills for managing conflict. It has been successfully offered to more than sixty participants in one sitting. Participants apply concepts to a current conflict situation and leave the training with a conflict management template ready for implementation. Participation is encouraged through out the training via the chat function. Four pages of course materials support the instruction.

Length – One-hour e-learning session.

Skill Development –

  • Apply CPR for Content, Pattern, Relationship to determine the real problem.
  • Craft a frame for the first hazardous half-minute of the conversation.
  • Plan How & What questions to be asked.

Testimonials –

“CPR tool will be very helpful in my growth as a manager.”

“I will prepare for conflict using the CPR tool and frame the opening statement.”

“Great speakers! Really enjoyed hearing them present.”

“This was a real helpful topic. They did well in boiling down a complex subject into easy and actionable pieces.”

“I thought this was amazing. It was a first for me in my new position. It definitely helps me.”

Coaching: The PECD System

Overview – Taking a systematic approach to coaching a business team is among the most important skills a manager can develop. This one-hour e-learning training program introduces the PECD system: Personalized for the leader; Executed regularly; Customized to the team member; and Descriptive. Participants are engaged by asking them to respond to questions like describing the most powerful intrinsic reward they received. They leave the session with an implementation outline for their PECD system.

Length – One-hour e-learning session.

Skill Development –

  • Learn to personalize both rewards and consequences they provide.
  • Ensure the regular execution of their coaching system.
  • Learn to customize rewards and consequences for each team member.
  • Learn to be descriptive and coach to a growth mindset.

Testimonials –

“Great information for a new manager.”

“There were great ideas presented.”

“I appreciate the training and now that I have this, I feel that it will help me improve with practice.”

“Thank you for including me in this program. It gives me pointers to work harder and achieve more.”

“The program was well received by leaders and content was helpful and applicable to both new and experienced leaders.”