Order Rainmakers, Closers, and Other Sales Myths

“This is a great new book, one of the best I have read yet on sales and sales leadership. I took it along as airplane reading and found it was hard to put down.”

Pat Cataldo, Associate Dean

Executive Education

Penn State University

“I love this book! That’s the first thing I said to Arnie (aka Dr. Arnold Tilden) after I read Rainmakers, Closers & Other Sales Myths….

Here’s what else I said:

I couldn’t put it down.

I love the way it balances great content with entertaining stories.

It is just great stuff!”

Steven Wiley, CEO

Lincoln Leadership Institute

“Dr. Tilden has compiled a real-world handbook for building a better sales team. Any manager who wants to do some honest, critical self-examination of their sales process should read this book.”

Scott A. Heintzelman, Partner

McKonly & Asbury, LLP

“I read the first six chapters of Rainmakers, Closers & Other Sales Myths and found the book hard to put down… I predict that this book will make Dr. Tilden a wealthy man…soon.”

Ed LeBreton, CEO

The Lancaster Group, LLC