Representative Testimonials

  It was a privilege to be taught by Dr. Arnold Tilden, one of the best teachers I have ever met. His  course SST (Successful Selling to Type), based on the book he authored, is extremely interesting and useful both for Private Banking specialists and for all Sales professionals as well. I admire his breathtaking energy, background, and talent to involve all the students in the learning process.”  – Dr. Alexey Aleksandrov, Head of Private Banking, BNP Paribas, Ukraine
“My 25 years of experience has taught me that I can typically expect the average sales training curriculum to provide only a modest lift in performance. The story was quite different with Dr. Arnold Tilden. His approach, teaching style, and relevant exercises kept everyone engaged in the learning process. We have now completed three full training programs (Consultative Selling, SST®: Successful Selling to Type and Negotiation skills) with more scheduled. The reality is that he has helped to change the selling culture here at AccuWeather. Our new approach has already created a number of high profile victories. Participants continue to comment on the significance of the training relative to their income and career growth.” – Vice President for Sales AccuWeather
“Roughly five years ago, I worked with Arnie (Dr. Tilden) and his partner Harry Koolen in a large project to advance leadership skills for nearly one hundred managers. The model we used was Adaptable Leadership based on the MBTI and FIRO. It was an excellent program that made a difference and stuck. In fact, I am still using those tools in order to optimise my behaviour to different people I have to work with along the different projects I am managing.”  – Paul Gennart, BNP Paribas, Fortis Banks

“It was absolutely worth my time. I don’t think there’s any doubt that I’ll be a more effective presenter in the future.” – Presentation Skills Workshop Participant, Intellimark

” Dr. Tilden had our account executives on the edges of their seats. We saw almost immediate results. We now have the competitive edge we need to maintain our position as #1 office in the country !” – Manager, Donnelley Directory, Lancaster, PA
“The group enjoyed and benefited from the program immensely.”
– Senior Training Manager, BNP Paribas, Mumbai, India
“Like magic we won the projects and believe the skills we learned and then applied were absolutely central to our success.” – Partner, McKonly & Asbury, LLP, CPAs
“Much to my surprise the seminar was extremely enlightening and helpful.” – Planned Giving Executive, Johns Hopkins University
“Arnie was excellent!” – Private Banker, BNP Paribas
“I worked with Arnie at two companies, and found his training to be excellent for technology/software sales.  He has worked with large and small companies, both here in the US and in Europe.
It would be an honor to introduce Arnie to the sales management here. I think the results would be measurable and immediate, and surely contribute to our continued success.” – Director, OnLine & Hosting Services
“Thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial. I have been able to share what I’ve learned with my co-workers who have presentations coming up shortly.” – Presentation Skills Workshop Participant, Intellimark
“The time spent in this seminar was priceless.” – Planned Giving Executive, Johns Hopkins University
“Arnie is a terrific speaker and workshop leader. He really demonstrated a great knowledge of consultative selling and BGI’s processes.” – Consultative Selling Participant, Barclays Global Investors.
“I felt it was an excellent course and would recommend it to the rest of the company.”         – Presentation Skills Workshop Participant, Intellimark
“One sure sign that Arnie is a great presenter was his ability to captivate and keep my attention for the entire seminar.” – Planned Giving Executive, Johns Hopkins University
” I used SST just days after the training. The result was excellent.” – Sales Engineer, Johnson Controls
“The entire three day program was a tremendous benefit to me and I am already seeing results. Great job!” – Account Executive, Altoona Mirror
“Adaptable Leadership provided my team members and me with much better insight in our own “mechanics” and “chemistry”. Having this better understanding we are better able to understand our interaction, making it not only more effective (better results) but also more enjoyable. Thank you for a very valuable program.” – Senior Executive, Fortis Bank, Brussels

SST Book Reviews

Top customer reviews:

“What is brilliant about this book is the way he combines psychology with selling. It is a must for anyone who sells anything anywhere” – SST Book Reviewer

“This book improved my communication skills better than any other training method I have tried. I now consistently meet my sales goal each and every month. The strategies which the author recommends are pertinent and highly applicable to many situations. I found that I was able to adopt these techniques and incorporate them into my own style in a seamless fashion. Best of all, the text was easy to follow and provided an abundance of examples and explanations. Thanks Dr. Tilden!” – SST Book Reviewer

“An excellent job of capturing the reader’s attention, using a wonderful mix of humor, wit and knowledge to keep them turning pages” – SST Book Reviewer