Tilden-Updated[1]In 1994, Dr. Arnold Tilden established Tilden & Associates, a firm that enables its clients to improve sales performance through performance sales training, sales leadership consulting, and executive development. Tilden became a partner in PfP Consulting, Inc. (1999-2017) a global sales and marketing practice specializing in financial services. Tilden has assisted many Global 50 and Fortune 1000 companies in improving performance including AccuWeather, Barclays Global Investors, Barnes & Noble, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, Fortis Bank, ING, KPMG, Johnson Controls, Ogden Newspapers, Perkin Elmer, Trane, United States Federal Reserve System and Wachovia.He has also consulted with regional firms in diverse industries including accounting, advertising, architecture, engineering, higher education, information technology, insurance and manufacturing.

Tilden is the founder of the powerful SST®: Successful Selling to Type program which brings a proven method to the psychology of selling.He has taught SST® for diverse industries around the globe including the US, Europe, Asia and the Persian Gulf. Tilden has certified consulting firms in the SST® method in Sweden and Lithuania. He also authors the Dr. Tildens Sales Prescription blog.

Tildens second book, Rainmakers, Closers and Other Sales Myths, was published by University Press of America in 2007. In it, he debunks popular sales myths to which many businesses subscribe and replaces sales mythology with his Strategy, Structure and People System™. Contact: [email protected]; +1 814 861 5100; Tilden & Associates, 187 Sandy Ridge Rd., State College, PA, USA, 16803