Unlock the Secrets of Client Psychology

Most sales training is wrongheaded. But, with SST® Certification, you can enable your clients to unlock the secrets of client psychology.

You don’t have to be a psychologist to do it. In fact, SST is fun to teach and easy for your clients to master.

You do not need $80,000 – $100,000 USD for a franchise like Sandler. Nor do you need to pay royalty fees for every client you train. SST® Certification requires a fraction of that investment and can deliver twice as much value for your clients and you.
“I had been a pharmaceutical sales professional and then a sales consultant and trainer for years. I studied and used all the respected methods including SPIN and Miller- Heiman. I discovered SST and, based on my research, arranged for SST Certification for our new consulting firm. It is now the featured program for Versse. We just completed the certification program which was a great learning experience. Most importantly, we already have booked eleven SST sales training programs and one SST sales leadership program.

Kestutis Cvetkovas, Managing Partner

Versse Ltd, Vilnius, Lithuania



Versse Ltd Celebrates SST® Certification