. I am delighted to announce that, in collaboration with Loyola University Maryland, we are offering an online Successful Selling Certificate. This self-paced program consists of two nine-hour courses that provide skills and tools to succeed in this vital field.

The advantages of online instruction are clear. There is no need to travel which: one saves travel costs; and two eliminates the need for participants to leave their workspaces.

The content has been delivered around the globe to more than a dozen industries. We have learned that ongoing coaching and reinforcement are the keys to retention and return on investment. This is why a portfolio providing authentic evidence of skill acquisition replaces letter grades for evaluation. The portfolio can be handed off from the facilitator to the sales leader providing a roadmap for coaching and ongoing development.

For organizations enrolling a team of four or more, there is a 20% reduction in tuition from $1195 per participant to $956 per participant.

Customization is built into the portfolio that includes:

  • A pipeline system that consists of milestones that are both important and measurable
  • Market segmented by commodity and consultative buyers
  • Decision Criteria Analysis for three prospects
  • Powerful questions influenced by Rackham’s research
  • Determination of Buyer Influences influenced by the Miller-Heiman model
  • An Elevator Pitch that is concise, compelling, and about the prospect
  • Presentation Templates that put client goals first and are organized around a core message and supporting points.
  • A compelling story based on the PAR model of People Action and Results

A more complete description of the Successful Selling Certificate and one click to enroll are available here: https://aspire.loyola.edu/product?catalog=Successful_Selling_Portfolio.

We would be delighted to arrange a follow-up conversation by contacting us at [email protected] or calling +1 814 861 5100.