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  1. Dr. Tilden is spot on again. When I went through basic training for the Army in 1967, they did a peer ranking half way through basic training. I was in the bottom of the unit I was in. Upon completion of my basic and advanced training, I returned to College, completed ROTC, elected President of Scabbard and Blade, awarded Distinguished Military Graduate and from there went on to win numerous combat and non combat medals and awards for performance in the top 10% of my peer group. Had the Army used the initial peer evaluation, I would have been booted out, and the Army would have missed out on cost saving programs that I developed as well as the most successful drug rehab program for MP’s in Viet Nam. My accomplishments during my tenure in the Army were due largely by the influence of great leaders allowing me to pursue counter intuitive methods to solve critical issues. Without their support, I would have accomplished little and the original peer review would have proven accurate.

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