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Inflation Emotions — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Arnie,

    Another great thought piece. Love the print, tough dilemma. So I had to google the artwork, and see that on Amazon you can get a framed version for about $75. Less than what you paid for the poster with the added cost of carrying it back home (let alone the inconvenience). Plus you still need to pay to get it framed. (Not sure if yours would be the same size, so not taking that into account.)

    Even though I’m frugal I’d have sprung for the added cost as you have the memory of you and Becky getting it at the museum.

    We need to get together in this new year.

    Michele (Kelly)

    • Hi Michele – Thanks for your comment, which is duly recorded. While we did feel the emotion of leaving the poster, we found a choice C solution which I will describe when we get together. Love the art even though I equate posters with college residence hall rooms – Arnie

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