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Amazin: The Larger the Reward the Poorer the Performance — 1 Comment

  1. Amazing, indeed! But I wonder how Pink (and Alfie Kohn) would explain the singular focus of most investment bankers, hedge fund managers, and private equity specialists on financial rewards, even in the post-crisis era. In those rarified worlds, money is the primary way of keeping score, not just institutionally but personally. Pink’s comment that you have to pay people just enough to get them to move beyond a pre-occupation with money raises the question, “How much is enough?” I am reminded of a comment attributed to author Joseph Heller. While attending an over-the-top party thrown by a hedge fund manager in The Hamptons, Heller was asked by a colleague, “How does it make you fell to know that this guy makes more money in one day than you’ve made on all your books?” Heller replied, “Maybe, but I’ve got one thing he’ll never have – enough.”

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