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  1. As a retired sales trainer, who used Sandler Sales Training as the main model of both a method of selling and training, I am in agreement with both Dr. Tilden and Dr. Koolen. FAB selling is not a method and can waste a lot of both the prospect and the salesperson’s time, result in frustration at best and ill will at worst. Does FAB work, the answer is only if you have a highly motivated prospect. I definately agree with Dr. Koolen, the best way to approach a cold call prospect is to approach in a non threatening manner with well thought out questions. Questions that lead the prospect to “discover” if he or she is even a prospect. I always think of potential prospects in two distinct categories: Prospects or Suspects. I want either person I approach to feel comfortable discovering which they are. If the person is a suspect, I know it is time to exit right. However, if the person is a prospect, the next thing I want to find out is…..does the prospect have enough time now to buy my product or service. If we discover the prospect has the time, then I want to ask good questions, to help the prospect discover how to buy what I have to sell. Selling can be a lot of fun when you allow the prospect to close him or herself. It’s honest, it feels right and everyone wins.

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