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  1. Hope you are well. Love getting your postings. Even though I am pretty removed from the sales department these days…we are all selling in some way.

    In fact, we are selling when we talk about our vision or try to create a culture. When I heard Kelly’s comments as he was mic’d up for NFL films, I stopped in my tracks. Then I saw this posting and had to reply. I am in the middle of composing a similar blog on LinkedIn, and I am presenting on this topic to the NE Ohio CIO/CTO Roundtable next month.

    I sincerely believe that culture does beat scheme…when it is scheme alone. I look back at the organizations that I have worked for (including my own), and when we were “winning”, we created a culture where the team was in fact a team, and there was a common mission. Whether it was iCepts, Hyland Software, Human Arc or now at Asurint, we either created a culture, had a culture or changed the culture to match more of Chip Kelly’s approach – one team, working together. The failed businesses (either they failed or I failed there) were the exact opposites.

    And this culture thing has been around the NFL and business for a long time. Whether it is the Green Bay Packers, IBM in the last millennium or the Patriots, Facebook or Google in recent years…successful organization…sustainable, successful organizations have “it” when it comes to culture!

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