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Know, Can & Will: A Three Legged Stool — 2 Comments

  1. I love your “know, can, will” theory…for years, I have used “willing, capable, committed” when working with sales leaders to figure out whether or not someone who is struggling should get coaching or get coached out.

    Recently, we have taught in our leadership classes a simpler version of “skill and will.” We share that skill comes from the hand and will comes from the heart so simply finding out where the gaps are make coaching easier. If the skill (hand) isn’t there, you can coach. But if the will (heart) isn’t there, it is most likely time to coach out!

    • Thanks, Ken. Sounds like we have had similar experiences and thoughts. But, do you have any insights on why capable people “won’t do it”? Is your take that their “heart” is just not in it? Thanks again for your comment. AJT

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