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Why Do We Talk Too Much? Answer: Food, Money, Sex — 2 Comments

  1. This is right on. Having attended Sandler Sales training and several years of their President’s club meetings;Sandler says, it is not about you, it’s all about them. Sandler says the best way to close the deal is to let the prospect close him or herself. How? Proper questioning techniques starting with the pain funnel(providing what you are selling is very costly product or service). Another trap that sales people fall into in traditional sales is to ask for the order and then start talking before the prospect has a chance to say anything and missing the opportunity to let the prospect close or express a condition allowing you to not waste any more time in the process. Lastly, rarely will a prospect reveal a true concern as this point so you must isolate the first three concerns to determine the real concern which will allow you to help the prospect handle her/his own concern (through proper question technique) and close the deal her or himself. ALL OF THE PRECEDING IS MUCH EASIER TO DISCUSS THAN TO EXECUTE. However, when executed properly, it removes all mistrust between both Salesperson and Prospect. This allows both parties to advance with the least amount of wasted time with stalls, mishandling concerns and worst of all spending time trying to close a suspect( Sandler defines “suspect” as someone, because of a real condition, CANNOT buy what it is your selling. When you discover that your prospect is a suspect, it is time to gracefully move on. Lastly, when you approach someone to sell, you should expect a yes, a no, but never a maybe. In the end you should get one of three things from your approach. 1. A sale 2. a referral, or 3. a lesson. Happy selling.

  2. That’s a good one. My sales training was from the Zerox Professional Selling Skills course, which was basically “need-support” selling. You uncover your prospect’s needs with a series of open and closed probes. Then you explain how you can satisfy his needs with your product. It was also taught that the person in control of any sales situation is the listener. The less blabber, the better. Sales reps often have a tendency blabber on and on about themselves due to nervousness. It will definitely turn the prospect off.

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