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FBI Hostage Negotiator Meets Academics — 4 Comments

    • Always good hearing from you. There is so much in Thinking Fast & Slow that it was a slow read for me. I kept stopping and thinking about implications. Combining audio and paper read is probably a good combination. – Arnie

  1. Arnie, great article. Not sure if you are familiar with him but years ago, I had the opportunity to meet and attend a seminar by Herb Cohen, the author of “You Can Negotiate Anything”-nine months on the New York Times bestseller list. For almost 3 decades Mr. Cohen conducted negotiating programs for top-level executives and the N.E.I. at the F.B.I.’s behavioral science unit, Quantico, VA., where he was instrumental In helping develop the acclaimed “hostage negotiating program”.

    “To help get our 52 hostages back from Iran, the Carter Administration called upon Herb Cohen, an internationally respected negotiator. He not only told Jimmy Carter’s people what they were doing wrong–while they were doing it–but predicted the release of the hostages almost to the exact hour.” “On the other hand, Ronald Reagan responded as Cohen recommended, and the Iranian’s reacted as Cohen predicted–on the exact deadline he had foreseen.” – Washington Post Syndicated Columnist Jack Anderson, Thursday, February 12, 1981.

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