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Framing Shingles Vaccination — 2 Comments

  1. As a proponent of Sandler, this example is right on. Every Sales Trainer I know, espouses that prospects buy on emotions and justify those emotions with logic. The strongest emotion is pain which includes fear, i.e. fear of loss. A prospect with out pain is a suspect(or better put has no motivation to buy what you are selling).

  2. It was a very interesting take and illustration on “framing”. Kahneman does spend a good amount of time on the subject. However, Thaler (Nobel laureate in economics) and Sunstein, in their book Nudge draw on Kahneman and Tversky when discussing framing. My issue with them is that they promote their concept of “libertarian paternalism” and the use of framing to get people to do what THEY want them to do. What I have observed about modern government and bureaucracy is that they can’t resist incorporating “shaming” in to framing. Sunstein in particular reminds me of the patronizing, condescending, arrogance of an old-maid teacher of sixth graders.

    Over my lifetime I have learned a veritable dictionary of patronizing phrases used by Sunsteinoids. They include: Any thoughtful person knows…; Everyone agrees…; People who truly care…; ad nauseum. I was hysterical when Thaler and Sunstein proposed to solve the transplant organ shortage with a nudge by passing a law that declared that when you die your body becomes the property of the state UNLESS YOU SAY OTHERWISE, IN ADVANCE.

    Framing is a very important and effective communications method. It does, however, carry some conditions for ethical use. I find it hilarious that many are critical of the current wacko administration for using “fear of loss”, while the resistance uses the same or similar rhetoric. I say–a pox on both of their houses”

    I believe the ethical aspects of framing deserve some investigation. Good blog!

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